PCT Day 10

Caught a nasty lung thing. Breathing is hard, I feel horrible... Must push on... Went downstairs, had a free breakfast grabbed my pack and walked down the road a bit to hitch hike back down to Scissors Crossing about 14 miles back the way we came. As my luck would have it, the same guy... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 9

Zero day in Julian. Let's start this off by talking about the house that we stayed in the night before the zero day. So, when we went into Julian the first day we tried to find a room, they were all taken up. The final lodge we talked to said that they sublet a house... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 8

Woke up many times thru the night due to my not great tent placement. Damn pad kept sliding down hill making me wake up squished into the corner of the tent every hour or so. Decided at about 5am to just get up and get ready. Packed my bag, watched the sun rise and got... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 7

Woke up, finished packing our bags, turned in the key to the cabin and started the walk out of Mt Laguna. The walk starts off as a short street walk and then a cut through a campsite and back on the trail. The trail wound itself through the trees for a few miles and then... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 6

Zero day! Well, not really. I got up at about 5am, my sleeping pad is more comfortable than the bed in the cabin. Started to get a jump on chores. Needed to wash clothes, toss trash and figure out the next few days resupply. Oh so much fun.. After the chores were all handled we... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 5

I start my day, wet and cold. My back is really starting to hurt at this point and my legs are still spent from the climb yesterday. My backpack is a little heavier this morning due to my tent and a few other items still being wet from the rainstorm. But I push on. In... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 4

After a great night in a cabin, day 4 starts with us getting dropped off back where we were picked up the day before, the Lake Morena store. We arrived at about 630am and needed to get a quick resupply. Store opened at 7am and already there are townsfolk waiting to get their breakfast. Morena... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 3

What a day. I'm currently laying under a kitchen table inside a cabin at the top of Mt Laguna. It's almost 9pm, snowing and very windy. The occasional hard ice piece smacks the window with a "tick" sound.Today has been one I'll never forget. We woke up at about 6am to face a massive climb... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 2

Wow, today was ruff and full of crazy surprises. My hiking parter ended up getting heat exhaustion around mile 2 after starting the day. Hard lesson learned for him. We very luckily found a water spot nestled into a rock formation.We were sitting there for about an hour trying to nurse him back to a... Continue Reading →

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