Yes, Im still on the trail

I am still on the trail as of June 2nd. I really havent been motivated to write anything on my blog for some reason. The last thing that I want to do honestly is write after a long day. I will update it soon! As of right now I am at mile 640 and getting... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 38

Zero day. Took the group disc golfing at Oak Grove in Pasadena. Then relaxed, handled supply, relaxed some more, ate a really bitchen home cooked meal. Not a lot else to talk about. My legs were feeling better, at least I thought they were.

PCT Day 34

I get an early ride back up to Wrightwood to reconnect with my trail family. The last two days were great, spent time with one of my closest friends, took a hike in my old stomping grounds, but there was something missing.. the trail. As I sit in the passenger seat of the van, heading... Continue Reading →

PCT Days 32 and 33

Zeros.. Spent some time with my great friend, took a hike in my old training grounds and ate good food. Not a lot to talk about. Spent a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the time off.

PCT Day 31

We all wake at the Silverwood campground, slowly come to life and pack up. Got a fire going and we all reheated our left over pizza up on the camp grill. I arranged to have one of my friends come and pick us up from the site. There was a lot of off trail stuff... Continue Reading →

PCT Days 24, 25

Tramly decided that it would be best to rest for a few days. We all had our own hotel rooms, life is good again. Free breakfast in the morning. After eating we picked up a rental truck so we could freely move around town easily. It was trippy driving after being out on the trail... Continue Reading →

PCT Days 18 and 19

We all headed back to my hometown to enjoy a couple days off trail to recover. Its was nice to have a roof, hot food and laundry. The fun quickly ended and we went back to the trail.

PCT Day 13

Zero day at Warner Springs.A couple members of my tramly got minor stress injuries and we decided to hang here for a day to recoup.Not a whole lot of anything interesting really happened. We all handled our resupply at the store, cleaned clothes, and sat around staring off into nothing. It was nice not walking... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 9

Zero day in Julian. Let's start this off by talking about the house that we stayed in the night before the zero day. So, when we went into Julian the first day we tried to find a room, they were all taken up. The final lodge we talked to said that they sublet a house... Continue Reading →

16 days and counting

Oh noes! The rain! Its been raining like crazy in So Cal for the last month and a half it seems. Personally, I love the rain, granted I havent ever spent more than a couple days being dumped on. I sit here really not knowing what to talk about. I've discovered that I really dont... Continue Reading →

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