PCT Day 2

Wow, today was ruff and full of crazy surprises. My hiking parter ended up getting heat exhaustion around mile 2 after starting the day. Hard lesson learned for him. We very luckily found a water spot nestled into a rock formation.

We were sitting there for about an hour trying to nurse him back to a decent condition so he can keep on going. There was still 9 miles to the next reliable water. He was puking up all water and that wasn’t good. Eventually he started to feel better and just as we were going to head out, a lone hiker appeared. She came flyin up not bothered by the trail at all, in fact she did all those miles today vs us at 2 days. Anyways, she was advised of why we stopped there and out of the blue she offers to take some of my partners stuff from his bag and would carry it herself. That stunned him and I at how amazing this woman is. She was slack packing, meaning that she was going to walk 20 miles today without her food, tent or any other heavy item. Her family was meeting her at Lake Morena (our current destination). So she had the space. Turns out my partners pack is grossly overweight for him. We proceed with her and she does the next 9 miles to Hauser Canyon.

Eventually we make it thru the cover less stretch, got scorched by the sun and had to descend into a canyon a mile down a heavily washed out trail. The knees are killin. Our new friend still had another 5 miles she had to do to get her tent and food. Right before she left us she proved to be even more amazing and said that her family had a cabin and that she was gonna take a zero and we are welcome to join her. WOW. So now we are looking forward to climbing out the canyon at about 5am to beat the sun. Walk to 5 miles to the town, eat some food at the local mini market (I hear the have great bfast burritos) and then instead of hiking 8 miles we get to go to a cabin that has running water. The trail has already provided. Right now I’m camped in a valley with thousands of frogs singing as I write this in the dark.

Not before to long after arriving to the campsite, more hikers started to arrive. Most of us chose to stay here and the face the 1000ft climb outa here in the morning. I’ve met some really bitchen people. I haven’t enjoyed life and company like this ever, it really is a magical adventure. My camp mates are flippin funny and one in particular he and I have had really great synergy and it’s been hilarious. My legs hurt, I’m burnt, salty, dirty and I love it.

I’m tired and right now the frogs are telling me its time to sleep. The adventure continues tomorrow!

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