PCT Day 7

Woke up, finished packing our bags, turned in the key to the cabin and started the walk out of Mt Laguna. The walk starts off as a short street walk and then a cut through a campsite and back on the trail.

The trail wound itself through the trees for a few miles and then it opened up back into desert.

After about 2 hours of up and down the trail seems to come to a saddle up ahead. As I approached, my jaw dropped.

We could see forever, the desert was so green below us. This photo does no justice. We were about 5000 ft up and that is an entire mountain in frame. It was unbelievable.

The trail snaked it’s way around this valley. For hours we felt like birds flying high above the desert. Soon we spot a highway and an observation deck close to the trail, so we stopped for a quick break. While we were up there, a family offered us cold apples… heaven.

We hit mile 50!

The trail eventually came a spot that reminded me of The Grand Canyon. Orange rocks shot out of the ground and was also very high up. Most of the time I spent looking at the ground and not over the edge.

All in all we did 13.4 miles today. Ended in an amazing spot and right now I lay in my tent staring off into the desert as the sun sets.

Hoping to make it to Julian in 2 days.

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