16 days and counting

Oh noes! The rain!

Its been raining like crazy in So Cal for the last month and a half it seems. Personally, I love the rain, granted I havent ever spent more than a couple days being dumped on.

I sit here really not knowing what to talk about. I’ve discovered that I really dont like writing, but feel like it is necessary to preserve the memories and possibly allow others to see the process.

The Pacific Crest Trail has been a plan for about a year, and a solid plan for about 8 months. I started buying all my gear about 7 months ago and put some serious miles in getting ready for this journey. And right now I am sitting at my computer, bored, waiting, and going over lists that make no sense to go over and over and over.

So now that I have 16 days left before my life changes forever I find myself just wanting to be on the trail. I have sold almost everything that I have own. All my personal effects could fit into the backseat of a car. The only source of entertainment is my computer or to go hiking, and Im about to hike for 6 months sooooo…

It’s hard. The entire path to get to where I am right now it has been a very difficult ride. My life has felt like a failure and I also have felt like a failure with most of my recent endeavors. My 10-year relationship fails, my business fails, my health started to fail. I didn’t see any light at the end of my tunnel for almost 2 years. This is why I’m doing the trail. I’m leaving my old life behind and starting a new. I hope it is what I am looking for.

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