PCT Day 1

The last 24 hours have been a blur. At about 1am I said goodbye to my cat, put my bag in the back of a friends van and started the three and a half hour drive to the Mexico border.

My hiking partner and I didnt get much sleep before heading down and that was about to bite us in the ass. We arrive at the Southern terminus at about 4am. Not wanting to start totally in the dark we all waited in the van until day break. However I did run out and capture this photo before darting back to the warm cabin of the van.

The sun just started to illuminate the sky and after the shadows dissapear the border wall revealed itself, stretching forever in both directions. Just as there was enough light, my friends took photos of us standing next to the terminus, got back in their van and drove off, leaving the reality of the situation to sit on my taste buds as I watch them vanish over the horizon. No choice now, I’m now faced with the 2650 mile walk ahead of me.

As my hiking parter and I start to get ready to leave, a black van drives up. A man gets out and introduces himself as a representative for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. He asks us if we are willing to answer a few questions and we agreed. He then took our picture a d we were off.

We hike thru a twisted trail that winds thru rugged hills and a small city road walk. We find ourselves now at mole marker 1.

Kept pushing up the hills and eventually stopped seeing the town and only trail.

Came across railroad tracks stopped to take a picture of the sign and moved on

Started to make a few miles and my partner started to fail under the direct sun of the desert and lack of sleep. We were not off to a good start as he vomited all his water up every 10 minutes for a couple hours. We had to stop at all the water sources so he could stay hydrated. After about 8 miles we decided to pitch camp around 1pm. He and I both took a short nap.

After my nap on top of a bolder I pitched my tent, refiled my water and cooked my dinner. As I was eating a hiker came down the trail and was having an issue finding a spot to lay his bed out. I invited him over and are now currently sharing our camp with him.

My current tent spot has a good view.

It’s now dark and I lay in my tent. The frogs down in the valley make really nice background noise. I’m very tired and want to sleep now, we have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow.

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