T-minus 4 days

The time has finally come, final preparations are being made and check lists are being checked. I have 4 days before I am staring at the Northern Terminus for the Pacific Crest Trail.

Not going to try to hide it or sugar coat it, I’m scared. I have sacrificed everything for this to happen. Ive sold my truck, my stuff, my life and have not even enough to be able to buy a car when I’m done with this journey. Literally starting back from zero is going to be a bigger adventure than this 2600 mile walk.

My life has been shit. Its just been one thing after another, failure after failure. At what point do you stop, take a breath and realize that you need to totally re-invent yourself? Yea, that’s where I am now. Starting over, re-making myself from the ground up.

I cant believe that a year of planning is finally coming to the start..

It feels like a dream…

The hardest part of the trail has been saying goodbye to people I don’t know if I will see again. Ive been pretty emotional the last couple weeks. Everything is changing so fast.

I do feel loved…

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