PCT Days 24, 25

Tramly decided that it would be best to rest for a few days. We all had our own hotel rooms, life is good again. Free breakfast in the morning. After eating we picked up a rental truck so we could freely move around town easily. It was trippy driving after being out on the trail... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 22

Wish I took more photos of this day but the reality is that is was a very hard day and it was just extra effort to pull my camera out. Woke up at sunrise, laid on my pad for another hour, dealing with my thighs spazing and hurting. I watched the millipedes crawl through our... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 16

Sunrise, I rise. This morning I feel really good, must have been the several sodas and pizza. I have drank more soda these last 2 weeks than I have in more than 10 years. Soda is flippin fantastic on trail. Today's plan is to try to make it to another spot called "Mary's Place", 18... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 15

Woke with the sunrise, packed and started on the day. There was a pretty steady climb from the point of where my camp was. My tramly were about 3.4 miles ahead of me. The goal for the day is to make it to a middle of nowhere spot called "Mike's Place", 16 miles from where... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 12

Woke around 5am and was packed by 6. My tent was still soaked from the condensation overnight. Feeling a little better day by day. My tramly wasnt ready to leave yet but I had the restless legs, I pushed on without them for a bit. Leaving another camp behind. My hike for the day started... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 10

Caught a nasty lung thing. Breathing is hard, I feel horrible... Must push on... Went downstairs, had a free breakfast grabbed my pack and walked down the road a bit to hitch hike back down to Scissors Crossing about 14 miles back the way we came. As my luck would have it, the same guy... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 6

Zero day! Well, not really. I got up at about 5am, my sleeping pad is more comfortable than the bed in the cabin. Started to get a jump on chores. Needed to wash clothes, toss trash and figure out the next few days resupply. Oh so much fun.. After the chores were all handled we... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 5

I start my day, wet and cold. My back is really starting to hurt at this point and my legs are still spent from the climb yesterday. My backpack is a little heavier this morning due to my tent and a few other items still being wet from the rainstorm. But I push on. In... Continue Reading →

T-minus 4 days

The time has finally come, final preparations are being made and check lists are being checked. I have 4 days before I am staring at the Northern Terminus for the Pacific Crest Trail. Not going to try to hide it or sugar coat it, I'm scared. I have sacrificed everything for this to happen. Ive... Continue Reading →

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