PCT Day 35

Today the plan is to have a short hike to the base of Mt Baden Powell. I wake up kinda late ( 8am ), pack my bag. I tell everyone in the cabin that I am going to head down to the store and see if I can find a ride back to the trail... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 34

I get an early ride back up to Wrightwood to reconnect with my trail family. The last two days were great, spent time with one of my closest friends, took a hike in my old stomping grounds, but there was something missing.. the trail. As I sit in the passenger seat of the van, heading... Continue Reading →

PCT Days 32 and 33

Zeros.. Spent some time with my great friend, took a hike in my old training grounds and ate good food. Not a lot to talk about. Spent a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the time off.

PCT Day 31

We all wake at the Silverwood campground, slowly come to life and pack up. Got a fire going and we all reheated our left over pizza up on the camp grill. I arranged to have one of my friends come and pick us up from the site. There was a lot of off trail stuff... Continue Reading →

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