PCT Day 22

Wish I took more photos of this day but the reality is that is was a very hard day and it was just extra effort to pull my camera out. Woke up at sunrise, laid on my pad for another hour, dealing with my thighs spazing and hurting. I watched the millipedes crawl through our... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 21

As the norm, I woke up early, packed my bag and headed out ahead of my tramly. After about a mile I'm greeted by the first actual river crossing so far. I crossed it and then took advantage of the situation and refilled my water while I waited for my crew to catch up Followed... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 20

We decided to skip about a 20 mile section of the trail that would have led us over Mt San Jacinto. At the time there were a lot of hikers turning around, some being rescued, others being put into very unsafe conditions. The snow was still a serious issue. None of us wanted to deal... Continue Reading →

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