PCT Day 34

I get an early ride back up to Wrightwood to reconnect with my trail family.

The last two days were great, spent time with one of my closest friends, took a hike in my old stomping grounds, but there was something missing.. the trail.

As I sit in the passenger seat of the van, heading back to the mountains I am quickly realizing that I would rather always be up there, with my people, outside. The city can be great, but it is becoming too stressful. Everyone is in a rush for nothing. While I was in town, my senses were overwhelmed, everything just moved too fast.

I also missed my tramly and wanted to get back to them…

My group was staying with a trail angel at the North end of Wrightwood. I get driven to where they are all staying.

Pull my pack out of the van, give my friend a hug goodbye and I’m back with my people.

The house that they are all staying at reminds me a lot of my grandfathers place. They are an older couple that have been giving hikers a place to stay for more than 15 years. Very wholesome and down to earth people. I hang at the house with them for a couple hours while they get all get cleaned up and packed.

As we were all outside in the back of the house, we talked about plans for the day. I thought that we were going to be hitting the trail today, but the climb up Cajon Pass took it out of some and they were looking to take another day off. So it looks like we are needing to find a place to stay for one more night.

Tomorrow is Easter and the trail angels will be going to see their family and wont be able to host. We find a place down the road that has a cabin for rent.

We all get offered a ride by one of the trail angels. All of us piled into the back of a classic pickup truck and took a ride down to the cabin, that was a lot of fun, don’t get to do that too much in California.

We all spent the rest of the day taking care of resupply and went out to eat at a really great cafe, chilled with other hikers and hung out in the cabin.

Tomorrow we hike on.

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