PCT Day 35

Today the plan is to have a short hike to the base of Mt Baden Powell.

I wake up kinda late ( 8am ), pack my bag. I tell everyone in the cabin that I am going to head down to the store and see if I can find a ride back to the trail head. No one is ready to head out with me at this time, so I am solo.

I take the walk down to the local market. They love the hikers that come through here, so they have set up a tables, chairs and a place to charge your electronics. Not to also mention that this store has been the best place to resupply on trail yet, they have everything here.

So, Im sitting at one of the tables and a random woman walks up and starts handing out PCT Class of 2019 stickers. I of course took one and started to talk to her. She is a trail angel that has been out here taking care of hikers for many years. I asked if there was a possibility of getting a hitch up to the trail and she said yes. She asked me if I was willing to wait for about an hour so she can take care of her responsibilities, no problem.

Went a block down from the store and grabbed a breakfast burrito from a local coffee/sandwich shop. Pretty tasty..

About 45 minutes later I meet up with the trail angel and she gives me a ride back up to the trail head. My tramily is still taking care of their business back in town, they will catch up.

I get dropped off at Inspiration Point, say my thanks and she drives back down the mountain.

I am greeted by a beautiful view instantly and the next 5 miles to the base of Baden Powell was equally beautiful.

This was a very nice short hike. The trail eventually wound down to the parking lot at the base of Baden. There we set our tents up next to the highway, met up with other hikers, sat in the road and talked about plans for the next day. The highway was closed in that area due to a land slide that happened several miles up the road, it was a trip being able to hang out like we did.

Baden Powell is under a lot of snow and has been rumored to be pretty dangerous at this time. My group and another group decided that we will hit the mountain in the morning as a team, as the sun rose.

Dinner was eaten, and everyone was in bed by 8.

I didnt know yet, but tomorrow will be the hardest hike of the trail so far….

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