PCT Day 31

We all wake at the Silverwood campground, slowly come to life and pack up.

Got a fire going and we all reheated our left over pizza up on the camp grill.

I arranged to have one of my friends come and pick us up from the site. There was a lot of off trail stuff we all needed to take care of. One of us needed new shoes, we needed resupply, clothes, ice axes, a new sleeping pad and a few other items from an outfitter.

We went to the REI in Rancho and handled everything for the trail that we all needed to take care of.

In the same shopping center was also a Bass Pro Shop, quite possibly one of the most “American” stores you could go into. Well, one of my tramly members is not from America, and in fact has been dying to hold an actual firearm since they are not allowed in his country. So we make a stop off there.

It was great watching him just freak out at the size of the store, its flippin huge. We worked our way up to the gun section and walked up to the counter. I explained the situation to the man behind the counter, he said “I got this”, grabbed a .50 rifle and handed it to him. Biggest smile yet.

Once we were all done messing about at the store, my friend drove back up to Cajon Pass and dropped my tramly off at the hotel. I stayed with my friend and we headed back to her house.

I have already done this part of the trail that leads up to Wrightwood, and since Im not a purest I would rather hang with a good friend at the moment.

The plan is now to meet back up with my tramly in Wrightwood in 2 days.

Time to take a couple zeros…

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