PCT Day 30

Hit the trail at 7am.

Today’s goal is Silverwood Campgrounds. There is a pizza delivery place we hear about that will send food to that spot right off trail.

Today’s hike is sponsored by pizza and salads. Mentally after last night being horrible, my head was only thinking about having real food. 12.6 miles, I got this.

The next 10 miles follow the hillsides, nice and rolling with not too much uphill.

I set my personal best for 10 miles at just under 3 hours. The next 2 miles were a climb up and over a dam and the following hills.

Once I reached the top I was greeted by a surprise.

A huge lake that we couldn’t see the entire hike to this place.

It was a welcome surprise.

We follow the lake for the next 2 miles. Eventually we reach a road spur that leads down to an established park area.

Tables, flushing toilets and flowing water greet us. Right after I arrive here i place a call to the “local” pizza place, located about 15 miles up in Crestline.

Everyone caught up and we all laid in the grass sunbathing, waiting for food to be delivered.

It took about 2 hours for food to show, bit hot damn it was awesome!

We couldn’t stay in this direct area and were needing to take a 2 mile road walk up to the actual campsites.

Finished eating, relaxed on the lawn, then packed my leftovers up and took the walk to the camp sites.

Pretty standard public campground. Including the noisy neighbors and their kids.

We all get to bed around 8pm.

Tomorrow is gonna be interesting!

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