PCT Day 29

I woke at Deep Creek Hotsprings. Packed my bag kinda quick and then headed down to the river from where I was cowboy camping.

Got to the sandy shoreline, dropped my stuff off and took a walk over to the nearest hot spring, not too far away.

The water in this pool was being fed by a small fissure in the ground. The locals have dammed it up and with the cold water on the outside it stayed a nice 100 or so degrees.

We all eventually hoped in and relaxed for several hours.

Deep Creek could be one of the most amazing spots on the trail. However, due to the close proximity to civilization, there is trash everywhere.

Truly it is sad.

And no, that picture is not staged. It was exactly like that when I got there. Like I said before, sad.

There were still some beautiful ponds and all around the area was picturesque despite the litter.

We all eventually continued on the trail after lounging for most of the morning. It must have been around 11am when we set off.

Today is gonna be a 15 mile day.

The first quarter of the hike was following the deep creek river via a really high canyon walk. It was so pretty. The flowers were everywhere, the river down below looked incredible, there were bridges and it was mostly downhill.

One of the highlights of this section was the Rainbow bridge.

After an hour or so, we found ourselves walking along the back of a dam.

Took a very windy break down in the valley to have lunch.The trail was a few more miles of canyon walks and hiking along the slopes of the desert landscape.

We reach our destination, Mohave Creek.

The wind was starting to build as we set up camp. We all quickly ate dinner and went into our tents for the night.

The wind became very strong in this valley. We were being battered all night.

As we sat in the moonlight, you could hear the wind at the top of the canyon above us cut through the trees, bushes and brambles like a freight train. We could literally hear it as it was about to hit our tents.

It was a ruff night… my air pad had gotten a hole and was deflating every 20 minutes and I’d be on the ground, then my tent collapsed on me 5 times due to the wind.

Maybe 1 hour of sleep… not good.

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