PCT Day 15

Woke with the sunrise, packed and started on the day.

There was a pretty steady climb from the point of where my camp was. My tramly were about 3.4 miles ahead of me. The goal for the day is to make it to a middle of nowhere spot called “Mike’s Place”, 16 miles from where I woke up.

This stretch of the desert very quickly became real desert, no shade, no water.

Today the winds were ripping thru the lands. Every North facing turn seemed to bring the full wrath of the wind gods. I could feel the moisture being stripped from my skin, only making the water situation worse.

The entire day was spent trying to catch up to my tramly. When I arrived at the site that they camped at I missed them by only minutes. There wasn’t hope for me to catch them now since I had to stop off at the only water source for the next 8 miles.

Spent about 20 minutes down a side trail, enjoying the shade and small stream crossing the rocky outcrop.

Hiked back out of the water source and got back on trail. Somewhere around 4 hours later I see the first sign.

Mike’s Place…

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve heard stories that it is THE party place and then I hear that is just a place to camp. Everyone is agreement though that this place is…. strange.

I followed the signs down a dirt road about half a mile. I start to see a massive collection of trash and trinkets on a large piece of land. As I her further down the trail I see an old building and then the main property becomes visible.

As I walked thru a gate I was instantly greeted by my tramly and quite a few other hikers that made it there earlier in the day.

There is a large house here surrounded by 85ish acres of desert. I get directed to where there were ice cold drinks, snacks and more hiker trash.

I grab a soda, drop my pack and hang out with a bunch of fellow hikers.

Ate some fruit and set my tent up. Not much longer and pizza is getting ready to be made.

Mike’s place has a custom stone fire oven. Hikers helped make the pizzas with the assistance of the grounds keeper “Strange Bird”.

We all gathered around, laughed, helped and had a great time trying to get a slice everytime a new pizza came out of the oven.

Soon everyone were starting to slow down from food coma, the sun was setting and so were most everyone.

The camp quickly became quite, and I went to sleep.

Met a lot of colorful people.

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