PCT Day 10

Caught a nasty lung thing. Breathing is hard, I feel horrible…

Must push on…

Went downstairs, had a free breakfast grabbed my pack and walked down the road a bit to hitch hike back down to Scissors Crossing about 14 miles back the way we came.

As my luck would have it, the same guy who dropped us of the other day was just dropping a small group of PCT hikers off, saw me and picked us up. This dude is awesomely crazy, like a cartoon character.

We make it to the crossing, grab our stuff and head up the mountain.

I learned what suck is pretty hard this day. Sitting in front of me is a 4000 foot climb over a few miles, and I can’t breathe well.

My tramly headed up the mountain.

I couldn’t keep pace. I went from a 2.5 mph average to a .5mph average. Afyer about an hour I had to stop. I laid down and tried to get some sleep. I needed to take a nap, but I still had 14 more miles to climb for the day. Not good.

After the nap I kept up the mountain. My tramly took a couple hour long break to allow me to catch up.

Every step hurt, I was so weak. Coughing constantly, struggling to get a breath. It was horrible.

Even though this was a very bad time to hike for me I still did it. Pushed myself hard.

The mountains were so beautiful

It took me way longer than it should have to climb that mountain. I didnt take many photos.

Finally made it to camp, set my tent up, crawled inside. Ended up crying for a little bit because I was so miserable, still hacking.

I didnt even eat. I just went right to sleep. Ended up sleeping for about 10 hours off and on. Ran a fever in the middle of the night, that also wasnt fun.

Worst day on trail yet.

Tomorrow I push on to hit 100 miles walked.

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