PCT Day 12

Woke around 5am and was packed by 6. My tent was still soaked from the condensation overnight. Feeling a little better day by day.

My tramly wasnt ready to leave yet but I had the restless legs, I pushed on without them for a bit. Leaving another camp behind.

My hike for the day started with just a gradual mile climb out of a valley. As I got to the top I was greeted with yet another amazing view.

A few more miles through the scrub I find myself staring at a well known PCT location, I didnt know was coming up.

I’m now walking through open plains. It was amazing. I felt like I was in the movie set for Dances with Wolves.

Time was flying by, miles came and went and soon enough I’m now standing at the base of Eagle Rock.

I waited here for a bit for my tramly to catch up.

Eventually they did and we took a quick lunch, enjoying the endless fields around us.

From here we had about 3 miles until we reached Warner Springs.

After a few minutes I find myself hiking next to a day hiker that was just taking the trail from his town to Eagle Rock and back. We started talking about life and where we grew up. Turns out he lived in my small home town! The next few miles flew by as we talked about it.

I found myself in Warner Springs pretty quickly.

This place is great. There is a full resupply, laundry, camping sites and bucket baths. The community is fantastic.

I managed to pick up my box from the post office just in time.

Mid day I was enjoying cold drinks and was able to swap a few things out of my pack, making it quite a bit lighter. I traded my TarpTent out for my Gossamer, ditched my mid layer, leggings and a couple small things. Probably about 4ish lbs saved in weight. Happy.

Ended up meeting a great friend, got picked up and was cooked dinner. Best meal yet.

After a great night, I got dropped back off, set my tent up and went to bed.

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  1. Just found your blog, so now I’m binge reading. I just spent a few days with my family in and around Julian last week. Even tortured my kids with some hikes, including two on or crossing the PCT. (Warner springs and one south of Julian).

    Good luck, you are very inspiring!


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