PCT Day 7

Woke up, finished packing our bags, turned in the key to the cabin and started the walk out of Mt Laguna. The walk starts off as a short street walk and then a cut through a campsite and back on the trail. The trail wound itself through the trees for a few miles and then... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 4

After a great night in a cabin, day 4 starts with us getting dropped off back where we were picked up the day before, the Lake Morena store. We arrived at about 630am and needed to get a quick resupply. Store opened at 7am and already there are townsfolk waiting to get their breakfast. Morena... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 3

What a day. I'm currently laying under a kitchen table inside a cabin at the top of Mt Laguna. It's almost 9pm, snowing and very windy. The occasional hard ice piece smacks the window with a "tick" sound.Today has been one I'll never forget. We woke up at about 6am to face a massive climb... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 2

Wow, today was ruff and full of crazy surprises. My hiking parter ended up getting heat exhaustion around mile 2 after starting the day. Hard lesson learned for him. We very luckily found a water spot nestled into a rock formation.We were sitting there for about an hour trying to nurse him back to a... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 1

The last 24 hours have been a blur. At about 1am I said goodbye to my cat, put my bag in the back of a friends van and started the three and a half hour drive to the Mexico border. My hiking partner and I didnt get much sleep before heading down and that was... Continue Reading →

Bears! Bears everywhere

I'm laying in my tent right now heading into day 3 of an adventure in my local mountains and I'm trying to sleep after a long day of elevation gain. My brain and ears won't ever shut off. *snap* must be a bear! *rustle* yep! that's a bear alright! The truth is that it's probably... Continue Reading →

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