Night of the non-human cougar.

Darkness is abound and it’s only 7pm. I lay in my tent right now with the only light being my cell phone. I’m currently camped right in the middle of several large peaks that I’m trying to conquer. Mt Baldy is about 8 miles to my west, Mt Ontario is right above me 1.4. The one I wanted to beat is Cucamonga about 4 miles from me with a solid mile and a half of brutal switchbacks.

It was a hell of a climb just to get here. I expected to do at least 8 today but I left to damn late and had to make camp at about 4.2. Ice house canyon is STEEP! It’s really hard to drag my heavy ass plus full pack up these grades. The payoff is amazing however. And I’m the only human on this mountain.

I must keep pushing myself and must keep taking longer trips alone in preparation for the trail. Not gonna lie, it’s nerve racking sitting here in the dark, alone. Such a huge part of me wants to be alone on the PCT and another part wants this to be with others. It’s hard to tell my mood right now.

Let’s talk about the boogie man. About 2 hours ago when it started to become really dark I walked away from my camp to hang my food up in the trees. I walk about 60 feet in the dark to the tree I had already slung my line up in earlier, headlamp leading the way. Sucessful was my journey! The bag was in the tree!

…I turn around, sweep my light across the horizon. Two eyes, as green as deadly emeralds are staring at me in the darkness. This wasn’t far away. The eyes belonged to a cougar, sitting about 20 ft away from me, watching, waiting…

BRRRRGGGRRRRRWWWAAAAAAAAARRRRRR! the noise I made from the lizard brain side of my skull.

DAMN, that scared the sh*t outa me! Made the hair on my neck stand up as I’m yelling at this cat that hardly gives a solid piss that I’m making noise. It finally gave in to my screaming and just walked down the hill.

…**zip zam I’m in my tent now for the night**

Arg it’s only been 10 minutes…. gonna be a long night.

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