Bears! Bears everywhere

I’m laying in my tent right now heading into day 3 of an adventure in my local mountains and I’m trying to sleep after a long day of elevation gain. My brain and ears won’t ever shut off.

*snap* must be a bear! *rustle* yep! that’s a bear alright!

The truth is that it’s probably just a skunk, deer, badger or the one the most evil of all… wind. Last night my tent flaped in the wind and it sounded like someone walking up to my tent, I freak of course. “Shooo bear!” I yell haphazardly into the darkness.

Amazing when you’re alone, in the dark and exposed in the elements what your brain will tell your inner caveman.

Bears! Bears everywhere!

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  1. A friend was camping in the Golden Trout Wilderness…heard something and peeked out the zipper and about 20 feet away were 2 eyes about 8″ apart….freaked out until he realized it was a cow!!!!! They bring them up to graze in the meadows.


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