PCT Day 9

Zero day in Julian.

Let’s start this off by talking about the house that we stayed in the night before the zero day.

So, when we went into Julian the first day we tried to find a room, they were all taken up. The final lodge we talked to said that they sublet a house up the road and we can stay there.

We got walked up the road a bit to the house, handed the key and the guy walked off.

This place was still 1899 on the inside.

The real fun began when my partner starts to complain about ants crawling on everything (they ended up in his backpack overnight). Then I pulled the sheets off the bed to reveal sand all over the bed spread. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get all the sand off, and eventually my sunburned calves felt like they were on sand paper all night.

I went to take a shower… nope… no showers in 1899. Instead I get a bath tub, 2 sizes too small. I walk into thr bathroom and bash my head on the doorjamb.

I’d probably have the world’s funniest video if I recorded taking my bath.

My bedroom had the creepiest paintings that stared at me while I slept

I did say something to the clerk in the morning. It was not a happy stay.

Back to the zero day!

We grabbed our resupply from the local store. Got free pie at Mom’s pie shop and screwed around most of the day.

At some point during the day there was a pack shakedown happening in front of the lodge. While I was there a fellow hiker asked me how I was feeling. I mentioned to her that my legs and feet were sore. She then proceeded to tell me that she is a physical therapist and that she would be happy to help me.

Oh yea…. free

We got a room at the actual lodge this time for the night and because of what happened at the other place, we ended up getting a discount.

There was a great dog that was so much fun to play with. And a cat that looked like a 13 year old white version of my cat

Got to our rooms and started the food juggle. Ans of course we all had waaaay too much food and spent too much money in town.

The night was great, we all went to bed pretty early, as there was a huge climb the next day.

Sniffle, cough…. shit… I’m getting sick…

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