PCT Day 27

Packed up second and set off about 20 minutes after one of my tramly members.

It was about 7 am and the morning was awesome. Pine trees, snow and a beautiful view were my office today.

I’m trucking along at a decent pace and there were a few snow banks that took some time to cross.

I was expecting to catch my tramly member since she is a little bit slower than I am.

I see the back of someone coming up thru the trees.

I get closer thinking I found her and its not…

Its him, the guy I’ve been trying to find on trail!

“Second Chance Hiker”

I make some noise and announce myself. Dont want to startle anyone by hauling ass up behind them all quiet, not cool.

He turns around and I tell him about my story and that I’ve been really wanting to meet him.

We hit it off instantly.

We spent the entire rest of the day hiking and talking.

He’s been through a lot and is truly kicking this trails ass. He has already been on trail for more than 70 days, pushing and working very hard. Seriously fun guy and was super great to hang with.

You should check his channel out at


There were a few river crossings that were fun and we eventually found our campsite for the night.

I figured some of my food situation out finally and started packing things I will actually eat on trail.

Tonight’s dinner plans are, a white pita bread, salami, cheddar cheese, mayo and honey mustard topped with a dash of Cheetos.


I set my pad out and cowboy camped.

Had a fantastic view as I dozed off.

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