PCT Day 26

Woke up at about 6am in the hotel room, shaved my head, took my last shower for a while and grabbed breakfast from the lobby.

Everyone packed up their new food resupply, took care of backpacking chores and we all met at the rental truck around 1030.

We did rent a truck for the couple days here. It was a thousand times more convenient than having to hitch around Big Bear.

When the guy with the rental came to pick us up initially, he pulled up front of the motel, gets out, and doesn’t even put the damn truck in park. He takes a giant step out, says hi and the truck starts rolling away. Frantically he has one leg in the door and is skipping along with the truck, panicking he finally is able to hit the break and stopped the truck.

Super smooth…..


We return the rental and called a cab, the same guy that picked us up on the 38 highway.

He offers to take us to grab food and what not, so we go to Jersey Mike’s (sandwich place).

Now packing some subs we get dropped off at a trailhead that allows us to reconnect to the Pac Crest.

Cabbie Tom

The trail from here is a two mile light climb back to the PCT.

We take the trail and do another 2 miles to a campsite. Our bags were heavy with city food, we just had a 3 day break and our legs were stiff. It was nice hiking only 4 miles (nero day).The views were pretty amazing, and so was my campsite for the night.

After we set up camp an old friend from Warner Springs shows up and asks if she could join us, of course!

Kinda funny moment happened when we all started to eat dinner and I pulled out a half of a huge sub. Hell yea, Turkey club with bacon.

Before I started the trail I was watching thru hikers videos all the time. One of the ones actually happened to be on the trail before I started. Actually he started at the beginning of January.

He and I have very similar reasons for doing the trail and I really wanted to meet him in person. He is another large guy struggling to do the trail.

Well, my fellow camp mate tells me she saw him in Big Bear the day she came up and told me he is getting on trail right now behind us.

“Damn it” I thought to myself.

Last time I saw a YouTube video of his he was only doing about 3 to 7 miles a day and there was no way he was catching up to us.

Sad that I’m not gonna meet someone I’ve been trying to catch up to for 200 miles.

We all turn in for the night.

Tomorrow is another day..

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