PCT Day 14

I woke up early and packed up. Its was a sad morning as one of our tramly members had to leave to head back to his job for a few weeks. It was kinda hard to say goodbye, as we have walked 100 miles together, camped and done a lot as a group. He will be back though.After we said our goodbyes I ate and started back out on the trail.

The trail started flat and in a field. But quickly it turned into a solid climb up to 6000 ft through some mixed desert and seco.

We took a break at a small river. Where some of us took off a layer or two and sat in the stream. The rest put their feet in.It felt so good.We ended up getting a little split up after not too long. Half the crew made it up the mountain about 7 miles from Warner Springs. I ended up needing to make camp and was having trouble finding a site. After another couple miles I ended up finding a flat spot on top of a plateau that over looked the valley we climbed up.Another hiker was with me and they were also looking for a place. We ended up sharing my tent due to lack of tent spaces.First time I’ve ever shared my tent.

Setup camp, had dinner and crashed out early.

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