PCT Day 2

Wow, today was ruff and full of crazy surprises. My hiking parter ended up getting heat exhaustion around mile 2 after starting the day. Hard lesson learned for him. We very luckily found a water spot nestled into a rock formation.We were sitting there for about an hour trying to nurse him back to a... Continue Reading →

PCT Day 1

The last 24 hours have been a blur. At about 1am I said goodbye to my cat, put my bag in the back of a friends van and started the three and a half hour drive to the Mexico border. My hiking partner and I didnt get much sleep before heading down and that was... Continue Reading →

T-minus 4 days

The time has finally come, final preparations are being made and check lists are being checked. I have 4 days before I am staring at the Northern Terminus for the Pacific Crest Trail. Not going to try to hide it or sugar coat it, I'm scared. I have sacrificed everything for this to happen. Ive... Continue Reading →

16 days and counting

Oh noes! The rain! Its been raining like crazy in So Cal for the last month and a half it seems. Personally, I love the rain, granted I havent ever spent more than a couple days being dumped on. I sit here really not knowing what to talk about. I've discovered that I really dont... Continue Reading →

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