PCT Day 17

The day of hamburgers.

Woke up wet, cold and not feeling great after pushing myself yesterday. Food has become a serious issue for myself and the crew. We are all learning hard lessons on not eating properly while on trail.

Hard to explain, but most of us aren’t hungry after walking all day and that plays a huge factor on the next days performance. I know I should eat before setting off, or even at the very least eat an hour or so after I start for the day, I don’t.

I packed my wet tent into its bag, took care of my camp and set off before everyone. The wind and rain beat me a bit, I just wanted to get warm by walking. I wasn’t the only one miserable, we all were.

Today’s goal is about 11 miles from camp. It is a highway that cuts across the PCT and one mile to the West on the road is Paradise Cafe, “the best burger on trail”.Moving on I was surprised to see a water cashe in just about a mile from where we camped for the night.

I signed the journal, filled one bottle and moved on. Mary’s place is now about 2 miles and the thought of using a pit toilet is surprisingly making me happy.

The walk wound thru and up a mountain and eventually Mary’s place becomes visible. A slight detour and there is a bench, small library and great informational displays.

I sat here for about 10 minutes and a couple other hikers wandered in. We all spoke for a few, ate peanut M&M’s and moved on.

The thought of a burger and soda pushed me hard up the next 6 miles.One mile after Mary’s I’m in contact with a friend of mine. He is willing to pick us up at the highway crossing and take us where ever we needed to go.

I pushed the hardest I’ve pushed. Now not only do I have a hot meal coming up but we might be able to take a serious zero. No one in the group was feeling well.

The next few miles we very desert, mostly up and hot. The trail followed a knife edge for a bit and I saw another baby Diamond Back rattlesnake.

Not too long later I get to the top of the mountain I’ve been trying to get over. There I see my friends truck, stopped right at the PCT crossing about a mile away. I practically ran down the trail and made it to him.

Super excited to see him there.

We all got in his truck and drove down the road a mile to Paradise Valley cafe.Time to eat.

After eating and relaxing we talk about plans. Its unanimous that we head into town and take at least one day off.

A 2 hour drive later, we were in my home area.

Oh yea… I also hit 150 miles today.

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