PCT Day 11

After a full night’s sleep I woke up feeling a lot better. At first I thought the sun had risen but it was just the moon… damn. I sat in my tent for about another hour before the sun rose just enough to provide background light. I packed up my bag and was on trail by 6am. Ended up running into a couple other girls that also got an early start.

I pushed on about a mile past where I set my camp up to find my tramly camped in a valley. They weren’t packed yet as I made my approach. I said my hellos and told them that I’d meet them at the next water cashe.

Pushed on for another 4 miles and made it to the infamous 3rd gate water cashe.

A brief but steep journey off trail leads it’s way down to a valley floor where there were pallets of water there for the hikers to use.

When I made it down the hill, there were already a couple hikers taking a break and enjoying some fresh water.

I dropped my pack and pulled my bottles out. Had a chat while I filled my 3 liters. Quickly more hikers started to appear and in not too long there were about 8 of us down there including my tramly who have now caught up to me.

While we were there, a vehicle came up the trail and it turns out to be one of the people that run and maintain the cashe.

We all helped her crush the bottles and handle loading all the empties into her vehicle, there were a LOT of empties.

Moving on, climbing back up to the PCT with a now full water load sucked. Always the packs are changing weight.

After a 16 mile walk, winding thru the side of mountain after mountain we finally get to it.

Mile 100..

It’s incredible to be standing here. I’ve walked 100 miles thru some very hard terrain. Damn I’m proud of myself.

We couldn’t linger as we still had a few more miles to camp. Off we go.

The trail came down to a valley in trees and there was a water source and tent spaces. When we arrived there were already a few trail friends of ours camping here, we decided to stay.

Set up my tent, talked for a few and went to bed.

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