Sh*t just got real

Today was one of the biggest steps forward in my life that I have ever taken.


November 14th at 10:30am has been the mantra that I have been speaking silently to myself for the last few months. That is the date and time that the permit application process begins for thousands of wanna be thru-hikers, including myself. Last night was hard to sleep deep, as the stress of the wonder “if”, if Im going to be able to get a permit today. Now most people I have noticed have no idea that there is a limit to the amount of people that are allowed to hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Yes, there is a limit, and I respect that very much. The limit is 50 people per day. It is like that so the impact that we have on the trail doesnt destroy the natural enviroment. We do all too much damage to the trails.

I woke at 6am, hoping to sleep at least ’til 9, but that didnt work. Now I had to find a way to amuse myself for the next 4 and a half hours while I bounce around in anticipation like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.  Time passed, albeit slowly. The PCTA (The Pacific Crest Trail Association) has implemented a brand new process in getting permits this year. There is now a queue, show up at 10-1030 and you will be placed in a random order with everyone there, show up after 1030 and get placed at the back of the line. I show up a few before.20181114_102530.jpg

Every second that ticks makes my heart pump harder, as this moment I have been training months for is so very close.

1030 hits….


I was number 2696 in line… “Okay” I tell myself, I might stand a chance to still get one, lets wait and see. I thought of myself being unlucky to have such a further spot back in line, so I pulled my phone out and tried to see what the end of the line is like, 4900 and change in line. Im lucky after all.

I wait for 2 hours, some of the hardest 2 hours ever. I could have barfed up full grown Monarch butterflies, thousands of them.

5 minutes…… 4 minutes…… 2 minutes….. “am I really about to do this?!?!” 1 minute… “is this really about to happen?!?!” Its now my turn.

Im now greeted with pages to click thru and then, the calendar…

I know that right now there are some of you wondering if I beat out thousands of other people and got a slot.


My Journey starts March 18 2019

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