PCT Day 37

It was nice not having to get up too early this morning. Forsure I wasn’t the only one to fell this way as most of the camp was still setup by 9am and everyone still in their tents.

Peeled my quilt off of my scab, crawled out of my tent and grabbed my food bag from the bear box. Ate my breakfast and said my goodbyes to half the group we did Baden with, they were moving on while my orginal tramly is coming with me to take a couple zeros in town.

Eventually things were packed and we are now headed backwards for .3 miles to a trailhead that went down the south side of this range. About 5 miles later we are in Crystal Cove and have another 3 miles to the highway through this massive camping site. We get to a parking lot where the group wants to take a break. While sitting there a mini van rolls up with a woman driving it. She looks just as confused to where she was as we were. I approached her and after a couple minutes of talking I was able to score us a ride down to where we need to meet my friend. Score!

We get picked up after waiting for an hour and now we are off to the city.

Upon arrival to the house we are staying at the typical affair happens, showers, eat, relax.

My legs killed me the entire day, so painful walking down that mountain.

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